Sister Sojourner is the work of Ann Dissek and is a collection of photos, poems and other musings about everyday occurrences that give me pause. Since I was a child, my curiosity has drawn me toward discovery and appreciation of nature and spirit.

I am a dabbler in many creative forms, including writing, photography,stained glass, and mixed media. I spend the rest of my time gardening, canning, making tinctures and teas, or just being a kid with my grandchildren. If I am not in studio or the garden, you can find me in the kitchen making something good to eat….

Happy Discovery,




2 Responses to About

  1. Judith petrocy says:

    How lovely! I feel you are a kindred spirit Ann. I am looking forward to enjoying your amazing talent. Your mom and dad were very dear to us.


  2. lissalayer says:

    Congratulations, Ann! You’ve taken the leap… and this looks and feels just fabulous. I’m eagerly looking forward to the beauty, inspiration, invitations and fun you will share here!


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