I Am Not Broken

I used to think I was terribly broken

and in immediate need of repair

if fixing were even possible.

As a young girl first being taught the story of Genesis

I was deemed stained from birth by the actions of the First One

who sought only the Truth.

The truth is, it is all a ruse, a lie.

We are pummeled with countless advertisements

telling us how we could be whole, perfect

if only we would use their product

Or read their book

Or attend the next seminar

Or worship in a certain way.

 An illusionary paradise promising



Perpetual health and happiness

Here is another truth….

We never left paradise…

I have spent enough money on self-help propaganda

to buy a mansion

when this “house” is standing secure just as it is.

I once knew a man, talented with his hands,

who was very good at fixing things.

We would tell him how much we appreciated his help

but he never believed us.

He would break things over and over again

just so he could fix them,

yet he never took care of the tools his father had given him.

He did not see their worth.

Do I keep believing I am in need of fixing because I do not value the gifts that have been given to me?

I am not broken.

I never have been….

It is true I have had my share of defeats,

countless mistakes, and some pretty scary encounters

leaving me scarred and wounded.

To deny these blemishes would be to reject

a crucial part of my being.

Like the ancient art of kintsugi

Those life experiences which caused cracks

are the building blocks

of an even stronger self.

I am a sum of all my experiences…

I enter a state of rebirth and re-creation

as I release the ego

and embrace my imperfections.

It is here that I enter into a state of grace

in an indestructible bond with the Divine



Just as I am.

Blessed Be….

About acdissek

I am a soul traveling sister who is about to embark on a pilgrimage of discovery, whose destination and purpose is yet a mystery. Along the way I hope to meet other pilgrims, sharing stories and wisdom of the heart.
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1 Response to I Am Not Broken

  1. lissalayer says:

    Another gorgeous and potent poem, Ann… Wowza! It brought to my mind a quote by Parker Palmer from his book entitled “A Hidden Wholeness”: “When we catch sight of the soul, we can become healers in a wounded world-in the family, in the neighborhood, in the workplace, and in political life-as we are called back to our “hidden wholeness” amid the violence of the storm.” In these turbulent times, may we call forth our wholeness from those hidden places!


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